Come on in and meet our amazingly talented artists and creators

Local Perth artist,Kiara Thomas, interpreted Jukes Street’s story and created the artwork for the jewellery. Each design depicts different moods and emotions so each piece is individual in its meaning and interpretation. “We don’t want to tell you what each piece means because they are open to the wearer’s interpretation. What has a certain meaning for some, could be completely different for the next, and that is exactly how we want you to experience it.”

Artworks featured in the collection includes crying skulls, women, hearts and edgy tattoo style text including ‘fuck it’, ‘never yield’ and ‘no bra club’.  Think tattoo alternative but also pretty and delicate. A little bit street, a little bit class.

If great photography, dogs and puns are your thing then Jason is your man! We’ve been friends with Jason for maaaaannnyyy years, and he has supported Jukes Street from the very beginning. Photography is his hobby, a labor of love, and we repay him in lols and alcohol.

P.S. His work has been featured in not 1, but 2 calendars!
See Jasons Epic Work Here

Meet Mr. Komang. Our talented jeweller who brings our vision to life. By supporting small businesses you are supporting a dream - now Mr. Komang has already paid a deposit for a small house. He currently still lives in a small 1 room apartment with his wife and son, but in June they will move to the new house, and he plans to make a small jewellery studio there too. On behalf of all of us, thank you for supporting small 🥰

Prospect Project is an epic AF candle company run by Shannon. A self-confessed Mac n Cheese enthusiast and RnB lover. No wonder she is such a perfect fit with us here at Jukes Street – oh heyy 👋

Exactly like us, Shannon uses her company to get out of her comfort zone and also try to do good, donating to charities around Australia and creating a recycling project.  

OH AND, she named her company after the street one of her first houses was on… exactly like us. I mean, she is the peanut butter to our jelly!

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